Want to Use Minecraft in Your Classroom? Get Pre-Made Minecraft Activities and the Worlds for Your Class!

I have Minecraft quizzes that I would be happy to share with other classrooms.  I also have a model for how to use it that only requires 1 subscription license for Minecraft.  The quizzes are meant to be used as a kind of classroom adventure and can work as group quizzes or individual ones. In order to use this you will need to have students purchase subscriptions to use the quizzes for $5.00 per semester as part of your course materials and you will need 1 program download for Minecraft which currently costs $26.95. The cost of the program download is a one-time fee after which you own the program outright so you will not need to pay this again.

This set-up can be adapted for almost any course being taught in a face-to-face setting. I have used them to teach Humanities and Religion classes. Your classroom will need a computer/projector setup for use. If you are interested in discussing this content further, please feel free to email me at swhylly@santarosa.edu.


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