Role-Playing is fun and can be used in a Variety of Disciplines!

I have some great set-ups for role-playing for students in variety of myth settings.  This requires students to create a character that will then become a part of a group that will adventure through a story or myth that they are learning about in class.  I use a very easy rule set-up that both you and your students will find simple to learn.  I also have simple tutorials for each step of the adventure, allowing students to focus more on learning the details of the story or myth rather than having to focus constantly on remembering the rules.  Prep and set-up has been done for you, all students need to do is subscribe! Each adventure is only $3.00 per student per semester. I have used these setups to teach Religion and Mythology courses but they could be easily adapted for History, English, and a variety of other courses as well. Contact me at for more information.


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