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Eduopps is a platform for instructors in higher education to advertise their course content to other instructors for use in their classes. This premise of this site is a little bit different from what you would see on sites that allow instructors to purchase another instructor’s content outright for a one-time fee.  The model being encouraged here is one of sustainability and continued content development.

If you are a college professor and you find content here that you like, contact the instructor selling their content and ask questions, get samples, etc.  If you decide you want to use it in your classroom, you will then direct your students to purchase subscriptions to the content for the duration of a semester.  This helps to keep the price of content low for everyone, takes the burden of purchasing content for a classroom off of the instructor, and allows the creator of the content time to develop more great content or modify what they have created for the future to keep it new and exciting.

Check out the ethics essay page for more information on the concept employed here.

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