Help for Authors Posting on this Site

Getting an Author’s Account

If you have reached this page you may be looking for assistance with getting an account to allow you to post your own course materials for sale. If you are interested in placing an advertisement on this site for your content, click on this link to request an account.

What Content Can I Advertise Here?

If you are wondering what sort of content can be advertised on this site, take a look at this list (by no means comprehensive) for ideas:

  • ebooks (pdf, epub, doc files, etc.)
  • interactive multimedia activities
  • role-playing scenarios and materials
  • quizzes/tests
  • essay prompts (unique)
  • discussion board activities
  • videos (your own)
  • sound files (your own)
  • course packets and readers
  • games
  • zipped files of assortments of all the content listed above

Student Concerns

If you are wondering how to explain all of this to students, I recommend honesty and transparency about the project and it’s purpose. The For Students page attempts to explain this project in student-centric way and the Ethics Essay helps to provide more information from an ideological and pedagogical perspective. Talk with your students about why a site like this might be necessary and don’t shy away from difficult questions! The only way the culture of academic/educational publishing changes is if we as a community make it change.

How Do I Set Up Payment?

I recommend small fee subscriptions and using Paypal to set this up for students.  Using a webform will help you get important student information and safeguard their privacy and financial information. If you are having trouble setting this up or want more information on how to do this, please check out our Paypal’s website on using them for educational purposes. More information on making a blog post and setting up payments and webforms will be posted to this site in the very near future.

How Will I Get the Content to Subscribers and the Faculty Member Interested in Using it?

This is something best worked out between you and the other faculty member. The process should be easy and comfortable for everyone, including the students.  Make sure to observe rules about student privacy and FERPA regulations. Consider offering a means for the faculty member interested in the content to preview most or all of it to see what they are getting and to avoid problems further on.  Be willing to answer questions faculty may have about the content and offer up any abstract data you may have on the success of your content in the classroom.

More Answers to Questions Coming Soon!