PowerPoint 1 & 2 Course Content Available for Student Subscription on a Semester Basis

Want a course with applied role-playing material that will engage your students? How about one that provides up to date and updated content utilizing the latest versions of MS software?

This course, available by student subscription, is an 8 week/unit course cartridge available for an Introduction to and Intermediate PowerPoint courses for the junior college level. Written to satisfy SLO requirements at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA.  This course package is a full compliment of materials created for the Canvas Learning Management system and contains two separate role-playing adventures for the entirety of either course. This package can be adapted for use in a full-length semester and it has been optimized for use in a fully online environment. Course package includes:

  • Quizzes
  • Weekly Projects
  • Rubrics
  • Unit Projects
  • Textbook and reading suggestions for weekly assigned reading to compliment projects w/purchasing options provided
  • Suggested external links recommended for pairing with weekly assignments for graded/ungraded practice
  • Course pages with linked content, information, and course framework
  • Discussion board topics

If you are interested in previewing these materials, please contact Sarah Whylly at sewhylly@gmail.com.

Purchase of these materials can be made via SquareCash at cash.me/$EduOpps or

Available licenses:

  • These materials are made available via subscription to students. The cost is $16.00 per student per semester.
  • Faculty members can purchase this content for their students as a group for $560.00 per semester for an unlimited number of students.
  • This course package can be purchased outright as a package with full use rights exclusive to one faculty member for $4000.00.

These licenses do not include any required software or textbook purchases which may be recommended or included as required reading materials in the package. Software and textbooks need to be purchased separately in this package.

If you are a student and you wish to purchase a subscription for this material, please follow the Paypal instructions below.  Once you have made the subscription purchase, please fill out the webform below the payment area making sure to include your name, email address, instructor’s full name, and course/section number. This will allow your instructor to verify that you have completed payment in order to access the required course materials.

Click on this Content Subscription link to get started purchasing your semester subscription for this content!


©2016, Sarah Whylly, All Rights Reserved


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